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I forgot to mention that while shopping and discovering Virginia wines at The Virginia Shop, I also discovered a DVD titled, “Wineries of Northern Virginia – A DVD Tour”, produced by Impact Video.

This video tour places the viewer inside the tasting rooms, wine making facilities and barrel rooms at over 20 Northern Virginia Wineries. You will meet the owners and winemakers and get their thoughts and more on Virginia wine, which I found enlightening and insightful.

This video also covers two other key elements that I call “The Total Experience” that sort of handshakes with Northern Virginia wineries. What are those two elements? Those two elements are B&B’s and Fine Dining; all of which can be found nearby most Virginia wineries. The Wineries of Northern Virginia DVD also features several local Northern Virginia B&B’s and Fine Dining locations and talks with the Innkeepers, Owners and Chefs about their trade. You will discover a number of fine and friendly historic Inns, B&B’s and restaurants in Virginia, so be sure to check out these destinations on the disc as well.

I would say more, but I do not want too give away too much of this video; it is a must see for anyone interested in Virginia wine and like I moniker it, the “Total Experience”. What I will say is that while I was watching this DVD, I saw myself swirling a glass of wine at a Tarara festival – that was hilarious, as I didn’t expect to see myself. If I knew the camera was on, I would have dressed better that day {Thin Lizzy shirt and a tie}.

The only little pet peeve I have about the DVD is that the featured option to play-all and list by alphabetical order on the disc does not work and you have to navigate around the Northern VA wine map and select wineries, restaurants or B&B’s individually. I may have a bad disc, but this is the case of two store purchased copies. Despite that, this video is engaging and entertaining and offers some beautiful shots of Virginia wine country – this is the perfect primer to get you up and ready for some weekend wine tasting in Virginia.

Dezel does have a pairing recommendation for you for this DVD – skip the popcorn and coke and pair it with one of your favorite Virginia wines and some fine nibbles.

NOTE: Disc retails for $19.99 at The Virginia Shop.

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