Pearmund Cellars: Everybody Loves Redmund !

Sounds like a popular long running American sitcom right? Not quite, but everybody does love Redmund – Pearmund Cellars huggable and popular winery dog. So much so, that the cute, soft spoken, nimble Basenji had all his four legged and two legged friends over this past weekend to celebrate the release of his very own wine label. We have enjoyed several visits to Pearmund Cellars in the past, and this fun-filled event would be no different.

Pearmund Cellars Winery Dog - Redmund

The majority of Virginia wineries you visit will have at least one friendly winery dog, whose chores in the vineyard and tasting room keeps him or her quite busy day and night. In the vineyard, the winery dog is responsible for warding off deer, rabbits, birds or any other animal (or two legged friend) that might have a hankering for wine grapes. In the tasting room, the winery dog puts on his public relations hat to greet you in the parking lot or front door and welcome you to the winery. Dezel is of the belief that Redmund has excelled in these areas and deserving of what may be the very 1st doggy wine label in Virginia!

Redmund's Reserve White 2006

The attractive wine label features a playful picture of Redmund, along with his paw prints, signature and favorite activities. The wine, Redmund’s Reserve White 2006, is a fun, fruity, slightly sweet, unpretentious wine, which is much like the winery dog himself. With the seasonal warmth approaching, this is a nice wine to seek out for picnics and backyard get-togethers.

Redmund & Seeker - Can you tell who is who ?

Moving onto the party, there were just as many four legged friends as there were two. While the two legged friends nibbled on cheese, crackers and sipped Pearmund’s fine wines, the four legged friends chased balls, wagged tails and snacked on doggy treats. Redmund’s sister, Seeker was on hand for the festivities with her friendly owners Sid and Sue Sher, who are AKC breeders of Basenjis for anyone interested in one of these attractive and handsome dogs.

Artist - Linda Hendrickson, displaying a nice painting

Also there to celebrate wth Redmund, was Linda Hendrickson, the talented artist responsible for the excellent artwork on the label. Linda’s eye-catching work can be found gracing the walls of Pearmund Cellars tasting room. For those looking for something unique and striking, with an artful twist, contact Linda here.

The sign says it all......

Moving onto their wines, the recent release of the Pearmund Cellars Sauvignon Blanc 2006 is sure to be a big spring and summer hit. It is a grape variety that you do not see a lot of in Virginia, but Pearmund proves that it can make an exceptional wine here when carefully crafted and done right. Fashioned after a Fum̩ Blanc, this nicely balanced wine suggests gooseberry bush, citrus fruit with tropical hints. Drinking very well right now is the Petit Verdot 2005, offering richness and elegance with good fruit flavors and supple tannins, landing smoothly with a nice lingering finish. Do note Рthis is a limited production wine, so act swiftly on it. Pearmund Cellars also produces a full range of wonderful wines, from red to white, dry to temptingly sweet; at Pearmund Cellars there is something for every palate preference.

Redmund - The 1st Virginia Dog of Wine

In closing, we were happy to learn that proceeds from the day went to Redmund’s favorite charity, the SPCA. Dezel told you Redmund was a sweet dog. The next time you visit Pearmund Cellars friends, be sure to say hello to Redmund and let the pleasant staff at Pearmund Cellars know that you read about them here on Virginia Vine Spot!

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