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Since I reside nearby Old Town Alexandria, I often take evening and weekend strolls up and down the narrow and quaint roads of Old Town seeking out small novelty stores, knick-knack shops, and of course memorable dining experiences. This weekend, a store displaying a Virginia Wine sign caught my eye. I have searched the Old Town area high and low in times past for local wines, and the few wine stores I have found only stock limited local selections; in other words, very-very few.

The Virginia Shop

Now, Dezel is not complaining, since shelf space is limited and some stores have to stock what works well for them, which are usually rated wines that are found in popular wine publications. That system will always be here and works well for the masses, but local wine blogs are helping push the local wine cause and it's great to find stores like the Virginia Wine Shop who is also pushing the local wine cause - and not just because it's "local wine", but because it's good "local wine".

Many local wines ..

Most local wines are usually found in very few places outside of the winery itself, which may not be feasible to visit on a weeknight. I was pleasantly surprised to find a generous local wine selection at The Virginia Shop, located in Old Town Alexandria on 104 South Union Street. As a matter of fact, all The Virginia Shop carries are select local wines. A few of the producers stocked (but not limited to) are: Jefferson, Chrysalis, Breaux, Barboursville, Rockbridge, White Hall, Blenheim, Williamsburg, Horton, Gray Ghost, Stone Mountain, Del Fosse, Pearmund, Prince Michael, Rappahannock, and even some bottles from the now closed Farfelu Vineyards, the 1st licensed winery in Virginia post prohibition. So if you want a bottle of Farfelu wine for your Virginia collection, The Virginia Shop has you covered.

And many, many more !!!

In addition to Virginia Wine, this two story historic (A circa 1765 structure) shop also carries local jams, spreads, sauces, dips, nuts, candies, unique gift ideas, souvenirs, and many more items. So if you live nearby and craving something local and just cannot get out to the wineries, give the Virginia Shop a try!

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