Saturday Live Blogging from the Virginia Wine Showcase!!!

2008 Virginia Wine Showcase Bloggers Corner

Hello Friends,

I am here at the first Annual Virginia Wine Showcase 2008 with fellow blogger Todd Godbout, of Wine Compass blog. There is a very large crowd of Virginia wine lovers on hand today to enjoy fine wine, tasty foods, and much more!!! Read on and follow the days exciting activities as we blog away!!!

I'm Dezel - Let’s have some fun!!!

There are about 35 wineries here today pouring some of the Commonwealth’s finest hand-crafted wines. Before I could hit a wine booth I bumped into my pal Frank Britt of Virginia Wine Lover Magazine. This magazine will be a glossy, lifestyles publication, with Virginia wine at the forefront. Visit the VA Wine Lover Magazine website for further details and to subscribe. You are going to love thise magazine, friends!

Frank is the gent with the big SMILE and wine glass !!!

First winery I paid a visit to was Bluemont Vineyards. Bluemont is a new full service winery located in Loudoun County, and their current offerings consists of Virginia’s own Norton, Viognier, a blush styled wine, and an off-dry Vidal Blanc. Bluemont has one of the most stunning views in all of Virginia wine country, so if picturesque settings is your thing, be sure to pay a visit to Bluemont Vineyards in the near future.

Bluemont Vineyards

Question time! Morgan and Christine are true Virginia wine lovers, and when asked to name their 3 top Virginia wineries, and the top wine tasted today, here is how they responded:

  • Ingleside Vineyards
  • Bluemont Vineyards
  • Chateau Morrisette
  • TOP WINE TASTED TODAY: Chateau Morrisette Liberty (dry red wine blend)

Morgan and Christine - True Virginia Wine Lovers !!!

Okay, I have been to several wineries tasting, and I knew at some point I would do more tasting and talking than blogging. After all, my nickname is “Chatty Cathy!” That point is near! There are some great wines being poured, and everyone has had wonderful things to say about how this event is organized, as well as the wines being poured. I will say, however, that a few of the lines are long, but that is expected with a countless number of Virginia wine lovers gathering under one roof, right? Other than that, everything has went down as smooth as this tasty Cooper Vineyards Petit Verdot I'm sipping on right now!

Cooper Vineyard Petit Verdot 2006 - Yummy!

Today, we have 3 bloggers in attendance, and we all took time from blogging, sipping and chatting to take this nice little group photo. I have already introduced you to Todd; the lovely lady in the middle is April Fulton, of The Food Scribe blog. Check her blog out for great gourmet food recipes and wine pairing tips!

Local Wine Bloggers !!!

Question time again! Meet Matt; Matt is like a number of Virginia wine lovers I visited with today that thoroughly enjoyed the showcase and left with several cases of tasty VA wine. When asked about his three top wineries of the day and top wine tasted; here is how Matt responded:

  • Pearmund Cellars
  • Winery at La Grange
  • Chrysalis
  • TOP WINE TASTED TODAY: Cooper Vineyards Cabernet Franc 2006

Matt - A True Virginia Wine Lover!!!

Often times, I receive email about winery tours, and for all those questions received, Dezel has one answer for you. The answer is, Virginia Wine Adventures! Virginia Wine Adventures is an all inclusive and intimate winery tour that takes you to some of Loudoun Valley and Northern Virginia top wineries. Are you ready to be pampered? Virginia Wine Adventures will pick you up from your residence, hotel, B&B, etc, and provide you with a satisfying and memorable wine tasting experience. They offer luxuries that the others do not. Visit their website and treat yourself to “The Grape Life!” You deserve it.

Deidra Stevens of Virginia Wine Adventures

Click on the short video below to see what these 3 people think about Virginia Wine.

Stay tuned friends ...

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