Virginia Wine Showcase: And the winners are …

Virginia Wine Showcase People’s Choice Awards

Hello Friends,

The tasting public has voted, and the People’s Choice Awards from the Virginia Wine Showcase are in. No real surprises here, as the tasting public did a very good job of picking some good wines based on the selections and categories provided. There are two selections I sort of question, however, starting with best red blend. Now, do not get me wrong, because the winner is a great bottle of wine. But, it is more of an after dinner dessert wine in my opinion; and that is how I have enjoyed this tasty and popular Loudoun County treasure in the past. Personally, I think it should have tied with, or won the red dessert wine category. One of Virginia’s strengths in winemaking is the red wine blend. A number of local wineries produce a very good Meritage, or other red wine blend, that usually sports an attractive name (ex. Hardscrabble Red, Ruby, Tre Sorélle). Sometimes these wines are the strong points of a tasting sheet, and there are many different styles to choose from. Some light, some full bodied, some using traditional Bordeaux grapes, others opting to be artfully creative. My final shrug, so to speak, would be the winner of the unique white varietal. Now this winery, and wine, are quite unique, but this is not a varietal wine as the category would suggest. This wine is not even made from grapes; instead it is made from apples and chili peppers. Don’t ask. This is a fun winery that produces a number of festive wines, and are a big attraction at summer festivals. I just don’t get the placement of identifying this offering as a varietal wine by any stretch of the palate. Well, enough of my rambling, friends. Check the winning results out here! Congrats to all the winners!!!

Stay tuned friends ...more to come !!!

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