Weekly Wine Fact: How many grapes...

Hello Friends,

Here is a fun wine fact that should help you appreciate every bottle of wine you consume a little more. Have you ever imagined how many grapes it takes to make your average bottle of wine?

Well, it takes roughly 2 ½ lbs of grapes to make your average bottle of wine. That translates into 600 to 800 individual grapes. I bet that made you say, wow, right? I know I was a little shocked too. Keep in mind that wine grapes are much smaller than the plump and juicy grapes we purchase from the local grocer to consume.

Later this year when you visit the local tasting rooms, take a stroll through the vineyards and check out how much smaller wine grapes are in comparison. You will definitely notice the difference.

Stay tuned friends ...Cellaring and more to come !!!

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