In Review: The Sipping Point - A Crash Course in Wine

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Looking for a good wine book to kick-start your palate and help demystify the ABC’s of wine? Laurie Forster, also known as “The Wine Coach”, has just what you need in a sleek and attractive book titled The Sipping Point – A Crash Course in Wine. This informative book is easy to read and loaded with a wealth of valuable wine information. This is the type of book I should have had when I first got into wine in 2005. It would have made figuring out grape varieties, pronunciations, food and wine pairings, etc. a whole lot easier. Wine can be intimidating, and The Sipping Point is spot-on for the person who enjoys wine but knows nothing about wine; except for the fact that it inspires mirth and tastes good. The Sipping Point is also chock-full of eye-catching color pictures, snappy quotes, and it answers many of the common questions that a wine novice would ask. To order a copy of “The Sipping Point”, visit Laurie’s website or the Amazon store. Also, be sure to check Laurie’s event calendar; I’m sure there is a tasting event or two that may interest you. Remember, the more you learn, the more fun wine can be.

The Sipping Point - A Crash Course in Wine

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