On Cork’d: “Terroir” A Term Misused, or am I just Wrong?

Hello Friends,

I’ve been tapped by the good folks at Cork’d, the social wine community, to contribute original content on their Cork’d Content site. I’m delighted to be in the company of other wine bloggers and to contribute to the juicy conversation that covers a variety of wine related topics. Some topics are entertaining, others are enlightening and educational, but in the end, it all goes back to the beverage we enjoy – wine!

Visist Cork'd and join the fun!

My first article asks the question “What is terroir?” Is there really a definitive answer nowadays? Please take a look and comment. I have provided a link below and would love to hear what you have say. Also, please take a careful look through the other articles as well. There are many talented bloggers at Cork’d Content and the articles make for some great reading. I look forward to periodically contributing to Cork’d Content as well as reading what my wine blogging friends have to say.

LINK: Terroir: A Term Misused, or am I just Wrong?

Stay tuned friends ... lot's more to come!

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