Wine Geek Speak: Vin de Paille

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Today’s geek speak term will appeal to the sweet wine lover in you. The term vin de paille, pronounced ‘van duh pah-yuh,’ is French for ‘straw wine.’ These wines are made from grapes or grape bunches that are either hung or spread out and dried on straw mats or trays. This process allows the moisture to evaporate from the grapes, concentrating the sugars and the overall flavor profile. During the fermentation process, the sugars are high enough to craft a wine with a good level of alcohol, with enough residual sugar to make a tasty and lush dessert wine.

Grape Bunches Drying on Mats 

In Italy the term for this method is called ‘passito.’ Here in Virginia we are fortunate enough to have a few producers who utilize this method to produce fabulous dessert wines. Look for the review of a local liquid treat made using this method on my blog! If you have a favorite wine that's made using this method please share it in the comment section. Have a question about this post, friends? Feel free to leave a comment or send me an e-mail at, and as always, Happy Sipping!

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