Seasonal Warmth at Oakencroft Vineyards

Taking advantage of yet another beautiful day, we decided to jump back on the Monticello Wine Trail and visit a few local wineries before returning home. I had the notion this sunny and warm Autumn weather would not last long, so it was more of a motivating factor to stay in the area and enjoy the gorgeous views and sip a little more Virginia wine. As local Virginians know, Jack Frost has recently made his nippy presence known.

Approaching Oakencroft Vineyards

We decided to revisit Oakencroft Vineyards, located in Charlottesville , VA to secure a few bottles of their award winning Viognier 2005 that we enjoyed the last time we visited. If you recall from my previous review, Oakencroft is situated amongst green rolling hills and has spectacular views of the surrounding countryside, which is also another reason why we enjoy visiting Oakencroft.

Tasting Bar Shot

We were pleasantly surprised to learn from chatting with tasting associate, Alexis, that there were a few offerings available that we did not try the last time we visited. Oakencroft produces about 14 different wines, namely from European varieties, and tasting usually consists of about 6 to 8 wines, pending availability and what is opened. We opted to taste the reds that were not available when we visited a few months ago. The following Oakencroft wines were poured: Cabernet Sauvignon 2005, Merlot 2005, Chambourcin 2005, and lastly the limited production, Petit Verdot 2004. Rather impressive lineup of reds, huh? Indeed so.

We enjoyed the Merlot 2005, which is done in a fruit forward, lighter and easy drinking style. It displays a nice cherry and currant nose with red fruit and toasty oak flavors on the palate. A fan of Chambourcin, I enjoyed the Chambourcin 2005, which is purple in color, elegant in style, and offers mixed berry flavors on the palate and a nice lingering finish. The Petit Verdot 2004 is a fuller bodied wine with dark fruit aromas and velvety tannins. On the palate are flavors of subtle dark fruit and nicely integrated oak with a smooth medium finish. Oakencroft's red wines are for the most part soft enough to sip on their own, and full enough to pair with your favorite dish.

Beautiful and Serene Pond View

After our tasting, we had the pleasure of chatting with a few out of town guests who were in area visiting. We also did a little Christmas shopping in the gift shop; you can find some nice stocking stuffers there. Afterwards we enjoyed a glass of the award winning Merlot 2005 and walked about the beautiful grounds. We later found comfort in these two relaxing chairs and soaked in the seasonal warmth by the nearby calming pond.

Elsie bids Vine Spot a Good-Bye & See You Later

In closing, Oakencroft is one of Virginia ’s pioneering wineries and the oldest in Albemarle County . We have enjoyed recent visits to the winery and encourage readers to pay a visit, enjoy their wines, and maybe do a little Christmas shopping for your wine loving friends. When you decide to visit, let them know you read about them here on Virginia Vine Spot.

Happy Sipping!


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