What is a Pinot Blogger they asked …

While out cruising last week in Freeport, Bahamas , I was asked by people on the ship, what is a Pinot Blogger. I explained to them that when you cross the Russian River Valley , Pinot Noir, and Josh of the Capozzi Family Winery, you have the Pinot Blogger.

Josh, also known as the Pinot Blogger of the Capozzi Winery Blog, was kind enough to send readers and supporters of the blog one of these stylish shirts that he designed, which represents the birth of the Capozzi Family Winery in the Russian River Valley . The climate of the Russian River Valley is primed for Pinot Noir grapes, hence the name.

Dezel sporting the Pinot Blogger Shirt

Josh kindly offered these shirts to readers and supporters alike in August and after careful planning and settling on this great design, all readers of the Capozzi Winery Blog now have two things in common; we are all sporting a stylish Pinot Blogger T-Shirt and we love wine.

The shirt arrived a day before Vine Spot’s Bahamas trip, neat and nicely packaged with a very nice Thank You card inside. The ‘Thank You’ truly goes out to the Capozzi family for a nice offering to readers and supporters of their blog.

Check out the Capozzi Winery Blog! It is chalk full of good information and you can find out more about the Capozzi Family Winery, the Russian River Valley , and the wines they will produce.

Happy Sipping!


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