Country (Dessert) Wine: Loudoun Valley Poire

The warm weather has finally arrived and if you have ever attended a Virginia wine festival on a hot and humid day, then you well know that the country (sweet & fruity) wines always sell out fast – very fast. And understandably so; these wines are inexpensive, light, fruity, sweet, refreshing and most importantly, served chilled, which helps to lift the sun off for a brief time on a warm day here in the Common Wealth. Trust me!

My Great-Grandfather made country wines for his own personal use out of cherries and peaches. Country wines are wines made from fruit other than grapes, and Dezel is guessing that it gets its name from people like my Great-Grandfather, who lived in the country and made his wine out of any fruit that grew well in the backyard.

Now Dezel admits to preferring a Sauternes or Ice Wine, when given the choice of a sweet wine, but country wines or fruit wines as some call them, has a place in Virginia and sells well. Fruits such as apple, pear, raspberry and peach are popular selections in Virginia for wineries that produce these fruity country wines, which are quite popular with certain crowds.

Loudoun Valley Vineyards Piore

Loudoun Valley Vineyards makes a popular selection appropriate at or away from festivals, that I have heard many patrons ask for and talk about when I have visited the winery in the past. Loudoun Valley’s Poire – A soft and delicate wine produced from 100% pear is that popular selection. The Poire wine is pale to light gold in color and I suppose we need not guess the aromas should we? The nose is pleasant, so enjoy a swirl and sniff of this one – ripe pear indeed! On the taste this wine is light and refreshing and is in no way cloying, but fruity with light pear flavors running over the palate. Outside of pear, the wine does have a subtle framing of light - very light toastiness like it spent a little time in neutral barrels. I would describe this wine as off dry, and a nice festival, patio/deck sipper that would pair with cheeses and lighter dishes.

If interested in a bottle or bottles of Poire, contact the winery for availability. As of last week, Total Wine in Springfield had this selection for under $12.

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