Sweet Ending: A Delicious Duo

Hello Friends,

My mother was up visiting for the holidays, and for those who do not know my mother, she is from New Orleans and loves to cook classic Cajun dishes, usually with a bit more cayenne pepper than the recipe calls for. Because of the snow-filled evening, we had no choice but to stay in and cook, so I opted to fix dessert. Now I could have made a mess in the kitchen and baked a chocolate cake or fudge brownies, but why even bother, when I already had two key players in the house, that when paired, makes for a pleasurable sensory experience.

A Delicious Duo!

The two key players I’m referring to are Sauternes and Stilton. I won’t lie though; when I first got into Sauternes, the thought of pairing Sauternes with blue cheese didn’t quite sound good to me on paper. But in the mouth, it was a much different story and one that I reach for often. If you are not familiar with Sauternes, it is the sweet botrytis wine of Bordeaux, named after the famous appellation where it is produced. These golden-colored wines are typically rich, honeyed, and sweet, but balanced with good natural acidity and easy to get addicted to. On this particular evening, I went with a 2003 Castelnau De Suduiraut Sauternes and Stilton cheese. The sweetness and richness of the wine works in contrast with the potency and saltiness of the cheese to produce absolute splendor in the mouth - trust me. I also tossed in a cup of glazed pecans, dried cranberries, and unsalted cashews to complete the serving tray. If you have not tried this pairing, give it a try, friends, and let me know how it works for you. For a Virginia twist, I would say substitute the Sauternes wine for a wine like the Gray Ghost Adieu or try a Port-styled wine like the King Family Seven; Port & Stilton is a classic pairing too. If you cannot find good Stilton, look for Roquefort, which is another blue cheese that pairs well with Sauternes and Port wines. Have a question about this post? Feel free to leave a comment or send me an e-mail at myvinespot@yahoo.com.

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